Rule Number 1 For Entrepreneurs Seeking to Raise Capital

November 05, 2017

Rule 1 for entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital is to assemble all of your thoughts and “put pen to paper”, in outline form. Then you can start filling in the blanks with compelling narrative and well-thought-out financial projections. Yes, you can research the multiple ‘how-to’ books, academic white papers, blog posts advanced by the universe of business strategy experts as a means to truly understand the “process” that needs to be followed.

ryan gorman IR-PR-Corporate Communications Expert
Ryan Gorman,

That said, just because you are creative genius who woke up in the middle of the night with the idea for the next best thing next to rye bread and you can out-code half of the programmer wonks working at Google or Facebook doesn’t make you an entrepreneur and it does not make your idea the foundation for a business. Not unless you can properly frame the who, why, how and where (you will make profits from) within the context of a properly-prepared plan. If you don’t believe that, binge watch re-runs of Shark Tank and pay close attention.

If you have not taken any undergraduate or graduate school classes in business writing or creative writing, and if you do not have the financial resources to enlist professionals who can help you, then you can spend $1.99 for “Business Plans for Dummies” and hope for the best (but plan for the worst!).¬† The “bad news” is ‘you need to spend money to make money’ if you or your co-founders do not have the capabilities to prepare your own business plan in a way that will intrigue or inspire prospective investors. The good news is that is geared towards delivering the documents you need, including for those who are price-sensitive and are wary of ‘investing a whole bunch of money’.¬† Caveat: If you don’t have the capital to invest a reasonable amount of money in a plan that is intended to raise capital, you are not at the point where you should be asking anyone other than your parents for cash. You should go back to your workshop, make another carload of widgets or get more subscribers to your app or online site, take the profits and reinvest in your business. That is where the rubber meets the road for folks who aspire to be successful and those who will perspire to be successful.

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Our focus is to advance the needs of clients domiciled in regions across the globe throughout the life-cycle of the capital formation and regulatory compliance processes.

Our value-add is the ability to frame Issuer value propositions in a crisp, concise, and compelling manner and to meet the needs of price-sensitive clients who require rapid turn-around and aggressively-competitive fee schedule(s).

Industry Expertise There is virtually no industry or sector that we and/or our captive network of industry consultants are not deeply knowledgeable of. Whether a pre-venue startup or long-established public corporation, we have guided companies within consumer products, financial services, Manufacturing, Software, AdTech, BioTech, FinTech, MedTech and Medical Device, Healthcare, RE development and Destination Venue silos.

Our senior team provides clients with 50 years of capital markets and business strategy experience. Hence, we are relied upon by entrepreneurs and those who need to present their opportunities in a manner that fully resonates with targeted audiences. We are trusted because we prepare documents that are compelling, but also conform to securities regulations. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life look to us in the course of offering securities to accredited and professional investors, registering securities with relevant regulatory regimes, listing securities with domestic exchanges/bourses, and submitting financial instrument details with industry trade settlement clearing platforms and utilities that oversee global securities reference code databases.   

Document Preparation & Professional Services

  • Preliminary Feasibility Studies
  • Comprehensive Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plan Writing | Financial Modeling Enterprise Valuation
  1. Comprehensive Business Plans
  2. PowerPoint Presentation format
  • Short Form Investor Tear Sheet aka Fact Sheet
  • Private Placement Memorandum
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Rule Number 1 For Entrepreneurs Seeking to Raise Capital

Business Plan Writer-Investor Offering Document Preparation Expert