Prospectus.com is a world leader in PPM writing. A PPM an abbreviation of private placement memorandum writing. From New York to Hong Kong, from Singapore to London, there isn’t a firm anywhere that has been involved in more PPM document preparation and writing than Prospectus.com. A PPM is a document used to raise capital. Within the PPM itself will be the details of the securities being offered to investors, as well as vital company information such as the market opportunity, risk factors, management team and the subscription agreement documents. Normally, an issuer will sell securities in the form of debt or equity, such as shares or common stock for equity, or notes or bonds, convertible debt and more. Our team has been writing private placement PPM  offering memorandum documents for over 15 years and have been involved in thousands of private placements.

Why Write a PPM?

Writing a PPM is not an option for those that wish to raise capital. The document is need for many things, but three points stand out above the rest:

  1. Its legally required to give an investor some type of disclosure document when you are soliciting capital from them.
  2. it helps protect the issuers of the securities from law suits if the PPM details he relevant risk factors of the company.
  3. Its looks professional and shows the investor that you know what you are doing.

The drafting of an offering PPM is mandatory. The document itself can shield the entrepreneur from investor law suits (if the business goes sour), but even more important the document itself is needed to raise money.

What Prospectus.com Can Do

Prospectus.com team assists in the drafting of PPM aka private placement memorandum documents for virtually all industries. Our company has written private placement memorandum documents for such diverse industries as real estate, hi-tech, fintech, consumer products, real estate projects, alternative energy projects (“green bonds”),  space and underwater exploration, food establishments, hotels and resorts, and much, much more. Our team has years of writing PPM documents for startups and well-established enterprises seeking to raise capital for discrete projects. Our headquarters for years has been located on Wall Street and we have been part of many exciting private placement projects. A well written PPM can garner investment and interest from a variety of groups worldwide, and our team prides itself on writing bespoke PPM documents  for our clients.

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