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Founded in 1999 by serial entrepreneurs who have personally launched numerous start up companies across various industries, Prospectus.com has become a world class leader in the public and private placement markets. Equally important, the principals of Prospectus.com have helped raise capital for multiple initiatives via dozens of debt and equity private placement offerings on behalf of firm clients. Prospectus.com was created to give start-ups and later stage companies the ability to work with experienced capital markets and investment industry veterans who are fluent in capital formation best practices and preparing all related documents required by institutional investors,  high net worth investors (angel, VC) as well as relevant securities industry regulators. Based in the heart of New York City’s financial district, we maintain affiliated offices in the world’s major financial hubs, including Hong Kong, London, Seattle, Australia and Singapore, Prospectus.com is the premier public and private placement service firm worldwide.

Our team brings years of investment banking, legal and consulting skills and offering document writing experience. Our focus is on one goal: the success of our clients.

We employ a consultative approach in every engagement and we are known for working with clients in a collaborative style and for providing robust support system that has been leveraged by tens of dozens of emerging companies operating across the spectrum of industries around the world. Our most popular services include the writing of prospectus documents for either public or private offerings sponsored by funds of all kinds and general corporations. In addition to our offering prospectus document preparation, we also offer registration and regulatory filing services for private and public companies, offering memorandum and private placement memorandum writing services, merger and acquisition (”M&A”) guidance, real estate development assistance, feasibility study writing and general finance and hedge fund services.


Prospectus.com team of business consultants, securities lawyers, investment banking and corporate finance professionals have helped thousands of companies raise capital and grow their business models. Ranging from corporate formation documentation, preliminary offering memorandum document preparation to final offering prospectus, as well as other offering documents, our team of professionals is fluent in every aspect of the business life cycle. We take pride in our firm’s ability to offer the highest quality services and products, at superb speeds in relation to the industry and at a fraction of the cost. Hundreds of companies have signed up with our affiliate program and outsource their writing work through us.


Prospectus’ team is comprised of seasoned financial industry professionals, including securities lawyers, business consultants and corporate finance experts. In addition to our staff of professional document writers, nearly everyone in our offices have been trained by the world’s most prestigious investment banks and/or have started or been involved in their own entrepreneurial venture. This broad scope of experience and intellectual knowledge gives us a unique perspective when working with our clients.

Custom Document Preparation

Prospectus.com team embraces a bespoke, consultative approach and customizes each document we create on behalf of the needs of our clients. This results in time and resources saved and more efficient output. We understand that each fund or company is unique and therefore we tailor our services to meet your needs. Prospectus’ document preparation approach for  each client varies depending the structure of the offering (public vs private offering and/or equity vs debt); your company’s product or service; your targeted geographic location, your industry, your marketing and business strategy and amount of capital being sought.

Capital Acquisition / Capital Formation Assistance

Prospectus’ team are aligned with various businesses dedicated to linking companies with investors or investment capital worldwide, including via our industry-standard broker dealer assistance tool, www.brokerdealer.com and the global crowdfunding search directory  www.raisemoney.com; both of which are managed by Prospectus.com staff. Our team recognizes the inherent difficulties in raising capital and navigating the various rules and regulations worldwide while undertaking a capital infusion. Our insight into the equity and debt world, both in the private placement and public arena, can prove to be a critical asset for company founders and senior corporate executives focused on legal, compliance, business development and sales/marketing strategies. We do all we can to assist our clients with capital raising networking and investor leads.


Prospectus.com affiliate program provides one of the largest professional networking and collaboration opportunities for law firms, broker-dealers, business development professionals, business brokers, boutique investment banks and general practitioners in the public and private securities market to leverage our team and resources.  Hundreds of firms outsource their offering prospectus document preparation, business plan writing and various other professional business documents needs to our team of finance industry experts. That business process outsourcing (BPO) approach reduces client engagement costs and fees, and helps the firm outsourcing to Prospectus.com peace of mind; referring partners know that Prospectus.com team can always be relied upon to exceed end client expectations.

Personal, Friendly and to the Point

Our team’s primary goal is the success of our clients and the success of professional services providers who align with Prospectus.com. We strive to ensure a strong and enduring relationship that transcends all stages of a business life cycle, from initial seed investment to public offering or acquisition of the client’s company.

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