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 Since 1999, our staff has worked with more than 5,000 companies worldwide. Ranging from one person start ups to multinational corporations, there is not an aspect of business development that we have not been involved with, including many initial public offerings and listings.  Call us and we’ll help you figure out what you need.

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Prospectus.com’s delivers high quality results, with one – if not the – most fastest turnaround times for document delivery. Our typical turnaround time on document preparation is one business week or less or when agreed. When we quote you, we’ll agree to a schedule and deliver on time.

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Prospectus.com has some of the most competitive rates. We also charge a flat fee with NO hidden costs or hourly billing. The fee is agreed upon before work starts. You will never pay more than what you are quoted for a project or we will cover the cost of any additional work.


IPO Stock Exchange Listing Services

IPO Prospectus for Stock Exchange Listing

Prospectus.com’s team specializes in a range of IPO Stock Exchange Listing services, including drafting stock exchange ready prospectuses for Issuers seeking to list on any of a number of global bourses.  Our team has been involved in document preparation and general consulting with all of the world’s major stock exchanges.  Whether you are seeking a listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), in Frankfurt, or in the US via Nasdaq, OTCMarkets or the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), all the way over to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, our team can help.

What is a Prospectus for Public or Private Offerings?

Offering documents vary from the type of capital raise (such as debt or equity) to whether the prospectus is for a public offering or a private offering.   Essentially an “offering” is what a company “offers” to investors for a capital infusion.  An offering document is therefore the primary literature an investor will read to make an educated decision whether to invest or not.  The most common type of offering document, referenced worldwide across business cultures is the “prospectus”.  The prospectus is the single most vital offering document – whether for private or public offerings – that an entrepreneur must put together.  A prospectus entails the most important information of the company, including the type of stock or bonds offered, the payout, the management team, the market, the financials and of course the subscription agreement or booklet.  There are many features of a prospectus but the document itself can be defined as a legal document that explains what the investor will receive from the company for his or her investment.

Public & Private Prospectus

For a company to get its securities listed on a stock exchange they must issue a prospectus.  The stock exchange will view the prospectus and decide whether it meets their eligibility requirements for listing.

In a private placement, a prospectus would be given to an investor.  While there are no strict rules regarding format and content, they do have to follow state and federal securities laws, no matter the country.  But in a private offering a prospectus, like a private placement memorandum or offering memorandum document, will outline the company’s plans and what an investor is offered for their capital.

Who Writes Prospectuses?

Basically anyone seeking to raise capital should issue a prospectus.  The document itself is used for equity and debt issuance.  For instance, a company selling stock, such as common shares, will issue a prospectus detailing the price of the stock, the terms of the stock (such as voting rights, redemption, etc.).  A company that issues debt, such as a note, bond, or convertible bond, will also outline the terms, although the prospectus will be strikingly different in language and tone than a stock offering.

In additional to the most well-known debt and equity issuance, funds of all kinds, both onshore and offshore funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, special purpose vehicles, UCITS and many others will write a prospectus for their own offering.

IPOs and Underwriters

Nearly all companies that get listed on a public stock exchange utilize an underwriter or a broker dealer from a brokerage house to sell the securities to other parties.  The prospectus is the main document used by lead managers and broker firms to sell the securities.

About Us

Prospectus.com is the global provider of prospectus documents for both public and private offerings.  Whether you need a hedge fund prospectus or offering memorandum for a private placement, or C Corp prospectus to be written and submitted for public offering listing on any major stock exchange, we are the go-to group.  With offices in many of the world’s major financial hubs we offer many services for the start-up and later stage companies.


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