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Finance Industry Job Opportunities (Full-Time & Part-Time); Internships: Corporate Finance, Securities Law, Business Plan Writing, Private Placements, Investor Offering Document Writing, Finance Industry Marketing and Social Media Internships (Financial Sector) maintains a continuous pipeline of client-driven capital raising projects in major cities throughout the globe, and to support these industry-agnostic initiatives, we have full-time and project-specific job openings, contract job opportunities and internships available. We are seeking seasoned capital markets and finance industry professionals, securities law professionals and securities law paralegals, and social media marketers to work remotely via satellite offices to support our US-based clients and our offices in UK, Singapore, Shanghai and Tel Aviv. Applicants will have documented background in any/each of the following roles: investment banking, corporate finance, independent securities attorneys and securities law paralegals, business plan writers who have demonstrated experience in business plan creation, business plan writing and editing, performing and writing feasibility studies and those experienced in the area of investor offering document preparation.

For lawyers, law firms, independent securities attorneys and/or self-employed business consultants who have clients in need of the services provided by, our affiliate / referral program enables you to sub-contract and/or outsource projects to us in consideration for a referral fee. To learn more about our partnership referral program, please visit this page

Senior Candidates-Ideal Profile / Job Requirements: Applicants should have minimum five (5) years prior experience in any of the following roles: private placements, corporate finance, securities law, securities analyst, equity and/or credit research analyst, investment analyst, private equity and/or venture capital due diligence.

Compensation: Full-time role compensation commensurate with experience. Part-time & Project Specific Roles: Welcome to the “Gig Economy”-Opportunities for part-time / contract engagements are based on experience; compensation is project-specific.

To apply: please provide resume and cover letter and email with subject field ‚ÄúWould like to work with!” to: ¬† All submissions will be held in strict confidence. NO CALLS PLEASE; If your profile meets our criteria, we will contact you within 5 business days.

Financial Industry Marketing (Part-time)

Role: Lead and/or assist in business plan writing for clients; prepare white-papers and tear sheets on behalf of clients, create, publish and distribute thought-leading articles profiling innovative, disruptive and fast-growth enterprises.

Ideal Candidate profile: background in financial media editorial, business journalism, investment industry (private equity and venture capital) marketing, white-paper writing.

Compensation: Per project / Commensurate with Experience

To apply: please provide both your resume and cover letter (no more than 200 words), and email with subject field ‚ÄúWould like to work with!” to: ¬† All submissions will be held in strict confidence. NO CALLS PLEASE; If your profile meets our criteria, we will contact you within 5 business days.

Financial / Investment Industry Social Media Internship & Database Internship


  • Fluency in social media best practices and strategies that leverage corporate blogs and social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Superior language skills
  • Superior writing skills (English is your primary; those with multi-language writing skills will be warmly embraced!)
  • Command and Control of Blogging Best Practices
  • Fluent in WordPress application
  • Strong Command of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • College / Graduate Student majoring in business, finance, marketing or journalism.
  • Student/Follower of ongoing trends across the startup industry
  • Strong database application skills
  • Fluent in mail merge applications
  • Addicted to business news across public companies, private equity and venture capital sectors
  • Able to commit 1-2 hours each day curating and re-purposing investment and financial news stories, and advancing those news stories via corporate blog and social media channels.

Compensation: Hourly rate ($12-$20/hr) and flat rate for dedicated projects (outbound email campaigns and short-form white papers). We can confirm your work for academic credit (where applicable) and we provide employer references as you continue your path to greatness.

To apply for Finance Industry Job Opportunities and/or Internships: please provide resume and cover letter (no more than 200 words!) and email with subject field “INTERNSHIP WANTED! Would like to work with! to: All submissions will be held in strict confidence.

Finance Industry Job Opportunities