Business Plan Writer-Investor Offering Document Preparation

Investor Offering Document Preparation | Business Plan Writer Expert? team of seasoned financial strategists, corporate finance professionals, project feasibility analysts, business document preparation experts and securities attorneys serve the needs of start-up entrepreneurs, corporate issuers, fund managers, and private companies seeking to raise capital from accredited investors.

Our focus is to advance the needs of clients domiciled in regions across the globe throughout the life-cycle of the capital formation and regulatory compliance processes.

Our value-add is the ability to frame Issuer value propositions in a crisp, concise, and compelling manner and to meet the needs of price-sensitive clients who require rapid turn-around and aggressively-competitive fee schedule(s).

Industry Expertise There is virtually no industry or sector that we and/or our captive network of industry consultants are not deeply knowledgeable of. Whether a pre-venue startup or long-established public corporation, we have guided companies within consumer products, financial services, Manufacturing, Software, AdTech, BioTech, FinTech, MedTech and Medical Device, Healthcare, RE development and Destination Venue silos.

Our senior team provides clients with 50 years of capital markets and business strategy experience. Hence, we are relied upon by those who need to present their opportunities in a manner that fully resonates with targeted audiences and conform with securities regulations in the course of offering securities to accredited and professional investors, registering securities with relevant regulatory regimes, listing securities with domestic exchanges/bourses, and submitting financial instrument details with industry trade settlement clearing platforms and utilities that oversee global securities reference code databases.  


Document Preparation & Professional Services

  • Preliminary Feasibility Studies
  • Comprehensive Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plan Writing | Financial Modeling Enterprise Valuation
  1. Comprehensive Business Plans
  2. PowerPoint Presentation format
  • Short Form Investor Tear Sheet aka Fact Sheet
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Investor Term Sheet
  • Offering Circular |Explanatory Memorandum
  • Information Memorandum | Offering Memorandum
  • Preliminary Prospectus |Red Herring
  • Shelf Prospectus
  • Final Offering Prospectus

Bespoke Consultative Services

  • Investor Targeting |Capital Introduction*
  • Investor Relations | Public Relations
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Branding

Securities Filing & Maintenance of Listed Securities

  • Submitting investor offering documents to relevant regulatory bodies
  • Stock Exchange Listing Application Services
  • OTC Rehabilitation Services

Commitment We are 100% aligned with the interests of our clients; our only goal is to properly advance the needs of those who engage us.

* is not a registered broker-dealer. Courtesy-only cap introduction for select clients to investors we have relationships with or via introduction to carefully-vetted 3rd party advisors who charge fees for said services.


Business Plan Writer-Investor Offering Document Preparation Expert