Moscow Stock Exchange Listing Prospectus

Moscow Stock Exchange Listing Prospectus

Listing Requirements for Moscow Stock Exchange

Work one on one with our attorneys and consultants to draft your prospectus in order to get listed on any of the major stock exchanges worldwide. To have a successful listing one must comply with numerous rules and regulations.’s staff has years of experience working with the stock of exchange of Russia and can minimize costs and time loss. We specialize in both equity listings and debt listings and can ensure you are structured to attract needed capital. Here are some basic listing requirements:

  • Your prospectus must be approved by the relative authorities at the Moscow Stock Exchange.
  • A professional listing ready prospectus must cover information such as the securities being offered and their details, as well as the assets and the liabilities of the company, the team leadership and more.
  • Investor rights must be covered.
  • Profit and loss.
  • Financial projections.
  • Once the prospectus has been approved you can then get admission to the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Listing and Application Services

Utilizing’s team is efficient and can save your company needed capital and time. While each stock exchange has its own requirements, here is a general overview that most exchanges require for successful listing and that we provide as well as our strengths for listing and/or IPO services:

  • Our services are conducted in a manner that overshadows others in our industry. We save our clients needed capital, needed time and deliver superior services.
  • We follow international rules of standards and specifically tailor our services to each individual exchange requirements.
  • We have offices are in many of the world‚Äôs major financial centers, giving us access to capital, investors and industry players.
  • To get started we draft a formal letter for the listing application.
  • We write the draft prospectus, preliminary red herring or offering memorandum.
  • We offer listing sponsor assistance and linking with our in-house counsel as well as outside law firms that can offer advice.
  • Enhancing or writing from scratch your company‚Äôs business plan. The business plan is often required to be submitted by various stock exchanges, although not all.
  • You will need to appoint advisors and others needed for the listing.
  • We assist with pricing your securities, which is required for any listing.
  • Once permission is granted for your listing, you may then begin trading. assists from the very first step all the way to the successful listing. If you require only one feature of the listing, such as the writing of the prospectus or legal work our staff can assist as well.

Why Russia

Creating a listing for your securities with the Moscow Stock Exchange brings numerous advantages, including:

  • The country is politically stable and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
  • Solid legal system that has been in place for decades.
  • Stable financial system and infrastructure.
  • Proximity to Asia, the US and Europe

Why Get Listed on a Public Exchange like Moscow?

Getting your securities listed on a public exchange is solid way to bring exposure to your business. Selling stock or bonds or notes via a public listing simply has a larger audience than a private placement. Listing publicly is also good for small companies that need access to capital. Here a few of the benefits of listing on a public stock exchange:

  • The public listing of securities gives added exposure to one‚Äôs business and therefore grants access to a different capital network.
  • Listing can be seen as a status driver.
  • The listing can assist with news and press awareness for one‚Äôs company.
  • Listing can create an aura of longevity for employees, which translates into employee retention and the acquisition of new talent.
  • It can enhance the company‚Äôs profile with existing shareholders and with prospective investors.
  • This includes possibly the increase in customer retention and growth.
  • Publicly listing stocks or bonds creates a market for a company‚Äôs securities and therefore brings added value or increases the valuation of the company.
  • All of this can translate into creating liquidity.

There are numerous other exchanges in Russia, including:

  • Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)
  • Russian Trading System Stock Exchange (RTS)
  • Samara Currency Interbank Exchange
  • Petersburg Currency Exchange (SPCEX)
  • Petersburg Stock Exchange
  • Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange
  • Ural Regional Currency Exchange

Benefits of Utilizing’s Team

Companies benefits by working with our team in numerous ways, including:

  • Our team of attorneys, consultants and industry professionals have decades of real world experience in public and private offerings, including working with the Moscow Stock Exchange.
  • One of the fastest ‚Äď if not¬†the¬†fastest ‚Äď turnaround time for completing a prospectus, offering memorandum and other regulatory documents.
  • Ability to file required documents and register in foreign countries.
  • Ability to save our clients needed capital during the entire offering process.
  • There are hundreds of companies and law firms that outsource their work to us, giving us an added advantage in seeing up-to-date offerings worldwide and adjusting strategies in real time.
  • Some consider us a one-stop-shop. We can draft your business plan, prospectus, offering memorandum, PPM, feasibility study and file with any global securities agency, draft any legal documents, structure any equity or debt offering, and much more all IN HOUSE.
  • We are friendly, straight forward, and take an active role in the success of our clients.

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