Top Hedge Fund Guru Convinces Prospectus LLC to Accept Cryptocurrency

July 27, 2018

Accept Cryptocurrency or Not (yet) Accept Cryptocurrency?- that is the question! No surprise that one of the more spirited internal debates taking place in corporate cubicles is whether or not to accept cryptocurrency for products or services offered. Those who know us might think the tile of this post is strange when considering our firm is long-regarded across the professional services ecosystem as a “go-to” boutique for investor document preparation and ‘bespoke’ business plan writing. After all, LLC has been engaged by tens of dozens of start-up entrepreneurs and established companies from a broad spectrum of industries, including those operating within their respective industry “tech-centric silos.”

Then, a funny thing happened on the way to work one day; blockchain and distributed ledger technology became the ‘what’s next?’ for the world of innovation. And, by default, the ‘blockchain movement’ has already triggered hundreds of capital-raising initiatives by entrepreneurs from nearly every corner of the world who are seeking to secure a foothold in the new, crypto landscape. In turn, this next chapter for global industry evolution has created a need for proper white paper preparation and regulatory compliant investor offering documentation—a domain that LLC team has since become fluent in.

That said–and despite our having been engaged to assist a discrete universe of blocktech entrepreneurs to prepare white papers, presentation decks and investor offering documents for respective securities token offering initiatives, it was only until one of the world’s most respected institutional hedge fund managers, a person who just recently (and very publicly) announced that “At least 1% of my personal net worth (more than US $1.5b) is in the form of digital currency”, did we push forward our plans to accept cryptocurrency in consideration for services provided.

And now we do. As of July 1 2018, we accept Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or Ripple as payment for select services.accept-cryptocurrency

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Top Hedge Fund Guru Convinces Prospectus LLC to Accept Cryptocurrency