Prospectus LLC Aligns w Portal For Science-Based Start-Ups

June 10, 2018 Aligns with The Science-Based Startup Portal for Medtech,-Healthtech, and Biotech Founders, Investors and Research Analysts

For startup, early-stage and “spin-off” initiatives within the medical device (medtech), biotech, healthtech and other life science silos positioned within the scientific, healthcare-centric ecosystem, there are perhaps no existing centralized ‘research platforms’ or portals that enable founders to ‘register’ their companies and provide a gateway for sophisticated investors to interrogate new initiatives and compare entities and actually connect with innovative company founders. That is until the creation of, which is positioned as the AI-powered, “Bloomberg esque” resource for those focused on researching and investing in companies within the health and life sciences startup spectrum.

scientific-startup-research-investor-portalNotwithstanding the platform’s name “”, companies within the database are not necessarily and certainly do not need to be viewed within the traditional context of the phrase, which implies “existing, and being ballasted-off” units or divisions of operating enterprises. The portal is therefore situated in the epicenter of up and coming scientific-based initiatives. To a great extent, can be viewed as a health-tech / medtech / biotech / life sciences research portal and the leading meeting place for llife science industry innovators and healthcare and wellness-focused investment organizations, including venture fund incubators.

Where fits into the equation is straight-forward: as a leading business plan writing and investor offering documentation consultancy, and through our strategic alliance with, enterprise founders” have a built-in outsource solution to guide founders through the business plan preparation process, including development of investor presentation material, to preparing Offering Circulars, Term Sheets, Offering Memorandums and other documentation necessary to advance a private placement offering and ‘seal the deal’ in a manner that comports with the needs of sophisticated investors and securities regulators in any particular jurisdiction.

In fact, during Q1 and Q2 2018 alone, has been engaged to assist leading innovators within their respective scientific sectors. Our role in each of these engagements has been ‘full-life-cycle’ when working for these particular pre-revenue entities. Each has industry-recognized scientific innovators at the helm, compelling Intellectual Property and according to accredited, third party experts, these enterprises offer unique and compelling solutions to health and wellness ailments that effect millions of people. A deep dive into one such entity, which engaged us to help prepare for a $7m-$9m “Series B” after having raised a similar amount in 2011, can be found here

What our senior team leaders have long known about founders advancing initiatives within the healthtech, medtech, biotech and life sciences arenas is that many are self-described “mad scientists’ who, despite having created or invented a new path of least resistance for diagnosing and/or establishing protocols for treating ailments or injuries—find themselves ill-equipped to secure the advanced funding needed to commercialize their proprietary inventions and bring them to market. Within that context, is the “Doctor’s Business Doctor” and our specialty is writing and filling the prescription that will help bring their solutions to market.

As articulated by SPINOFF.COM, “We provide the Investment Information System (IIS) which utilizes free of cost AI-engine driven platform and off-line value-added service (VAS) with 25 in-house employees and 24 external professional syndicate members. Our goal is to create the complete portfolio of all the world’s high potential scientific spinoffs in one place and provide the scientists with the fastest and the most convenient way of fundraising and identification, evaluation and signing distributors and partners. With over 5,000 publications per year, SPINOFF.COM is the largest platform that connects over 600 universities and research organizations with over 30,000 investors (venture capitals – VC, private equity companies – PE, family offices – FO, and multi-national corporations – MNC) and over 200,000 distributors globally. Also, over 2 million visitors use our multichannel platform monthly. SPINOFF.COM is incorporated as Ltd. (Limited) and is non-for-profit organization.
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