PreveCeutical Preliminary Prospectus Filed in Advance of IPO

October 05, 2016

Non-Offering Preliminary Prospectus for CAD $5mil Non-brokered Private Placement for Health & Wellness Platform

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (“PreveCeutical“, or the “Company“), a health and wellness company focused on utilizing nature and science for the benefit of health-conscious consumers, has filed and obtained a receipt for its preliminary non-offering prospectus* with the British Columbia Securities Commission (the “ BCSC”). The preliminary prospectus contains important information relating to the Company and its currently issued securities and is subject to amendment as may be required by the BCSC. Copies of the preliminary prospectus are available on SEDAR at

*For Issuers having a minimum number of shareholders and no current capital formation needs, a non-offering prospectus is technique to go public by submitting the prospectus directly to the securities commission and relevant stock exchange. Per the definition, no actual investment dollars are raised, and in select instances, no investment dealer is required to play a role. provides offering prospectus document preparation and writing of Issuer preliminary prospectus (“red herring”), final offering prospectus, offering memorandum, explanatory memorandums and related private placement documents for Issuers of public debt, private debt, convertible debt, senior notes, senior unsecured notes, closed-end funds, credit funds, equities and preferred shares.  fees are typically 50% lower vs. prices charged by traditional securities law firms.

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The Company is currently undertaking a non-brokered private placement for up to $5,000,000 CAD priced at $0.50 CAD per common share (the ” Offering“), which is intended to be the Company’s final offering prior to the planned listing of its common shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “ CSE”). The Company is preparing for its listing application to the CSE. Completion of the Offering is subject to, and conditional upon, the receipt of all necessary approvals, including regulatory approvals, if any and as applicable. The Offering is expected to close in late October or early November 2016 in the Company’s discretion and prior to the submission of a final non-offering prospectus to the BCSC.

Consistent with its strategy announced in December 2015, PreveCeutical was established to provide investors with the opportunity to invest directly into a health and wellness platform, which includes the first go-to-market product CELLB9 TM.


About PreveCeutical

The Board of Directors of PreveCeutical is led by Mr. Stephen Van Deventer, as Chairman, and includes Ms. Kimberly Van Deventer, Mr. Jeremy Wright, CPA, CMA, Mr. Brian Harris, Mr. Greg S. Reid, and Mr. Alex Bayer. The executive management team of PreveCeutical is led by Mr. Stephen Van Deventer as Chief Executive Officer, and includes: Ms. Kimberly Van Deventer as President; Ms. Shabira Rajan, CPA, CGA as Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Makarand Jawadeker PhD as Chief Science Officer, Ms. Nicole Goncalves-Krysinski as Chief Legal Officer, Mr. Brian Harris as Vice President of Corporate Development, and Ms. Alicia Rebman as Vice President of Marketing and Advertising.


Preliminary Prospectus (Non-Offering) for CAD $5mil Non-brokered Private Placement for Health & Wellness Platform