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Opinion Letter for Feasibility Study

For those companies in need of an opinion letter for their feasibility study report, Prospectus.com’s team can assist. In most cases, we can draft such an opinion letter. The process is straight forward. The company would send us their feasibility study. We will then assess the report and ask questions related to the project. Once all information is gathered we can then write an opinion letter based on the research and review of the project. Opinion letters for feasibility reports can take several days to a few weeks, depending on the scope of the study, and the deadline of the company that needs such an opinion letter.

Feasibility Reports – From Scratch

Our seasoned management team, ranging from consultants to attorneys to engineers, can create your feasibility study in a timely and cost effective manner, no matter the type of real estate development you are proposing to undertake. Both companies of all sizes and lenders of all types have relied on our team for sound judgement and prudent feasibility research. If you are seeking to work with a firm that takes an active interest in your real estate project, need top market and industry data while saving your company needed resources and time, our firm can assist. We offer a suite of services that are specific tailored to your real estate development. Here are some of the consulting services we provide.

  • Site Analysis and Land Survey
  • In order to determine if the property you are wanting to develop is suitable for your business, we will conduct a land survey and site analysis to determine some the following features:
  • Accessibility – how accessible is the location of the project for patrons or buyers
  • Zoning – can the land be zoned for your project’s needs
  • Traffic and Transportation – is there adequate roads, what is the traffic conditions in the general vicinity
  • Demographics – what is the median income of the area, labor force
  • Economic Impact – what, if any, will your project contribute to the general economy of the area
  • Supply and Demand – is there a demand for your services, and if so is there over supply
  • Tax Implication – what are the tax issues of the land

Once this feasibility information is gathered and analyzed, we can determine if the proposed location for development is suitable. If the property and area do not look promising, we can then look elsewhere for a parcel of land that will meet the needs of development and the business plan.

Numbers – Real Estate Feasibility Approaches

Since our firm has conducted feasibility studies for all types of real estate projects, from commercial buildings to residential houses and condos, as well as our networking with scores of construction companies, land developers and lenders, our insight into the feasibility study universe is unique. We can create precision financials based on facts on the ground. Here is a synopsis of more of our feasibility analysis services.

Residential Services

Prospectus.com assists with the research and writing of feasibility studies for the overall residential market. This includes such analyses as single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and town houses. In addition to the most common types of developments, we also prepare such reports for university and college housing, assisting living, for seniors and others in need. Our team of consultants, lawyers and engineers work with government agencies across the spectrum, from both city and county officials. Further, a residential development also requires relationships with banks and lenders, such as mortgage companies, construction and development companies, and sometimes non-profit organization that work in the real estate space. Here is an abbreviated list of our residential real estate services:

  • Single-Family Homes
  • Condos
  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Developments
  • Senior and Assisted Living
  • Multi-family, Student Housing
  • Mixed-Use Development
  • And More

If you need an opinion letter for a feasibility study relating to residential developments, condos, single family homes or units etc, please reach out to us.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Our team at Prospectus.com assists with commercial real estate projects of all sizes. Our services range from the more ‘simple’ steps of the development of creating a business plan, all the way to the feasibility study, and the writing of a prospectus or private placement memorandum (offering memorandum) to raise capital for the real estate project. Our services as it directly relates to commercial real estate feasibility studies includes assisting with general construction and development of buildings, office parks, skyscrapers, hospitality such as a hotel or a resort or even a casino, restaurants, retail centers such as shopping malls, and more. A feasibility study is certainly mandated for such large projects as the analysis itself can save needed time and capital, long-term, and will allow the principals to determine if they should even move forward with a multi-million-dollar project.

Features of a commercial real estate feasibility study would incorporate such information as the landscape of the overall project, other properties in the area, comps, rent prices, leasing information, vacancy rates, demographics of the target market, population surveys, and more. Here is an abbreviated list of our real estate commercial real estate services:

  • Retail Space
  • Office Buildings and Parks
  • Skyscrapers
  • Industrial Projects, Refineries
  • Hospitality, Hotels, Resorts, Casinos
  • Museums, Conference Centers
  • Redevelopment
  • Mixed Use Development
  • And More

We assist with opinion letters for commercial real estate projects.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Prospectus.com can assist with virtually any real estate feasibility study analysis or just assist with a general real estate project, no matter the location. We have teams and relationships in most states in the US and in a plethora of countries, allowing us to service our clients in more suitable and affordable method.

In addition to the commercial and residential services noted above, we also assist with general real estate consulting. Each aspect of the feasibility study – and there are many – can be broken into separate studies and sections, and act as a standalone guide for that particular need. Whether you require an entire feasibility study or just a portion, or need help with just one aspect, we can help. Here is an abbreviated list of our real estate consulting services.

  • Assistance with Development Location and Project Site Decision
  • Market Analysis of the Project’s Location
  • Competitive Analysis of Existing or Similar Developments
  • Site and Location Analysis
  • Neighborhood Survey, Traffic, Demographics, Income, etc.
  • Surveys of the Land
  • Project Concept Development
  • Financial Projections, Budgets,
  • Marketing Strategies Development

Opinion Letter for Feasibility Report

Prospectus.com’s team is a world leader in preparing feasibility reports. In addition to drafting feasibility studies, our team often undertakes reviews of other firms’ feasibility studies. This is to determine whether the feasibility study written is up to standard, to check if anything is missing, and to give recommendations to the company that needs the report. In addition, we are often tasked with writing an opinion letter on the feasibility study as well. Once we review the full study, speak to the staff of the company and, if need be, any party involved in the preparation of the feasibility report, we will make our assessment and recommendation, if any. If your company requires an opinion letter or a third-party review of your study please contact us anytime for a free consultation.

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There is not an aspect of the real estate market that our team has not been involved with, giving our clients the ability to work with a company that knows the intricate details of development. This translates in to time and money saved. If you are considering a real estate development and need a feasibility study to this end, whether for residential or commercial real estate, or you just need one aspect of the analysis to be undertaken, feel free to contact us any time for a free consultation, or setup an appointment at one of our office.

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