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Blockchain Feasibility Study | Whitepaper Preparation for Initial Coin Offering | Initial Token Offering | Private Placement Offering

Blockchain Feasibility Study Preparation Services. Hundreds of aspiring fintech entrepreneurs believe they have the next great idea for a business model that utilizes blockchain technology and distributed ledger applications through the use of bitcoin or utility tokens and who want to raise capital from investors via an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) or Initial Token Offering (“ITO”) to secure funding. To accomplish this, entrepreneurs need to explain their business concept into a written document within the framework of a ‘whitepaper’, the crypto cool kid version of a traditional business plan or information memorandum. Despite the ‘dot com’ mania that has fueled tens of dozens of capital formation initiatives throughout 2017 and early 2018, innovators who propose to disrupt legacy business processes should give credence to the universe of fintech thought-leaders and professional investors who curate opportunities and deploy investment capital; only those startups that have conducted a blockchain feasibility study that properly frames the economic viability of the business proposition and prospective return on investment need apply for funding.

“..There should be no discounting the fact that blockchain and crypto-based applications will transform the next generation business process ecosystem, much like internet technology changed the landscape after first being introduced in the 1980s,” says an industry veteran. “Those seeking to raise capital must bear in mind that savvy fintech investors know that much like the “internet bubble” of the late 1990’s, 1 out of 500 “next great ideas’ that had a “dot com” affixed to it died on the vine, along with the investor money that backed those startups.” Of the tens of dozens companies that were lucky enough to float an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) with a “dot com” value proposition, many fell by the wayside and public investors were left holding a burst bubble.


Having “bitcoin”, “crypto,”  “distributed ledger” and/or “blockchain” affixed to a business model in the course of promoting an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) or Initial Token Offering (“ITO”) might attract millennial retail investors who are easily hypnotized by the current generation equivalent of “penny stock offerings” that proclaim to have 1000% return potentials, but that mania will cool sooner than later. After all, everything moves faster today than a decade ago and hot trends turn cold more quickly than water turns to ice in sub-zero temperature. That said, blockchain technology is arguably the foundation to the “the next Internet.” Startups that have not actually framed how a business model will make money for company stakeholders and their respective investors and those who have not brought their blockchain feasibility study findings into their whitepaper narrative will not pass go and will not collect $200, no less the millions of dollars they hope to secure from investors. LLC principals and our team of global consultants have been guiding literally hundreds of startup entrepreneurs for decades by preparing business plan feasibility studies and investor offering documents that not only provide those entrepreneurs with a playbook for executing a business strategy, but also address the needs of accredited investors and securities regulators in nearly every corner of the world. Our fluency in best practices within the context of traditional business plan writing, our domain expertise with regard to administering blockchain feasibility studies and preparing whitepapers is complemented by our experience working with a broad spectrum of pre-revenue startups, a multitude of “growth capital stage” companies in nearly every industry sector and vertical, including fintech, medtech, martech and insuretech, as well as traditional brick and mortar companies. This pedigree  makes us uniquely positioned to guide the current and next generation of blocktech entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on blockchain technology in the following ways:

  • Perform an objective blockchain feasibility study by analyzing whether the ‘concept’ presents a viable business opportunity that can prove compelling to investors who seek a return on capital.
  • Present the business opportunity thesis in form and format that conforms to blockchain whitepaper document best practices.
  • Prepare investor presentation deck that encapsulates the crucial value propositions within the blockchain feasibility study and repurpose that document into a crisp, cohesive and concise narrative that inspires prospective accredited investors.
  • Provide consultative insight to the most current securities regulations governing Initial Coin Offerings and Initial Token Offerings and guidance to forward-looking regulatory regime initiatives intended to protect investors as well as Issuers who are advancing bitcoin offerings and/or utility token offerings.
  • Prepare Investor Offering Documents, whether in form of Information Memorandum, Investor Term Sheet or Offering Prospectus that conform to the spirit of regulatory construct or actual securities regulations put forth by securities industry regulators in any specific region that govern Issuers domiciled in those respective countries as well as the domicile(s) of targeted investors.

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Blockchain Feasibility Study | Whitepaper Preparation for Initial Token Offering | Private Placement Offering